Professional food photography

Further packs tailored on your needs available upon request, especially if mixed with our other services. Action videos, and assistance for event coverage for your Instagram also available.

Currently booking for mid October 2019.
Contact for special discounts if Social Network usage only (no commercial print, no social network advertising).




SOCIAL NTW. USE (excl vat.)


Social ntw.use (excl. vat)

Frequently asked questions

No set pictures are shot on the go, for instance shots of your dishes in the kitchen in a short lapse of time so that you can serve dishes to clients. If included in our management package with limited licensing, prices may differ (to your advantage) from the estimate listed here and this can be a very cost effective solution to get pictures for general organic usage on social networks. Contact us for estimates. No set means I will not bring lights, reflectors, panels and all the equipment that high impact staged and styled professional photography involves. My best advise is to mix on the go pictures with styled pictures in your social network accounts. Contact me for the strategy that best applies to your business.

Yes, we can offer convenient monthly subscription packs. Subscription can also include our other services. However the estimate varies greatly depending on the extent of your needs. For this reason please feel free to contact us for a quick estimate. 

Even if I master retouching photos of my clients, there are limits to what I can do. Professional pictures, even the more “on the go” ones, simply can’t compare to amateur pictures or compressed files that you may send me.

A license is a limited or temporary transfer of copyright rights. My licenses are typically not limited in time so you’re allowed to use the images forever for social networks, your site, menu and for services such as TheFork deliveroo or Glovo. My rates include using my images for packaging, commercials, print or television. Copyright is the ownership of the photo or video. This includes the right to give licenses. Being the owner of the copyright I too will have the right to use the images.

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